PATH OF ANNA Yesterday Today Tomorrow2


Infected with HIV from her ex-husband, Anna meets Pom and marries him. The couple sell eggs at the morning market everyday to earn their living. During the daytime, Anna will take care of the village’s HIV-positive orphans together with Pom. With mutual moral support from and to other HIV-positive friends and family, Anna tries to live her best out of every precious second, and never gives up her hope for tomorrow.

One day in the 10th year of the new family life, Anna’s symptoms suddenly develop and bring her a long, serious illness. After recovering, Anna deals with her daughter’s adolescence and changes in her relationship with Pom. She realizes how tough it is to be a mother and wife.


A mother who talks about reality and practical things with her child, the love between a mother and a daughter, the touch and the hug, the connection in the family and in society... All these essential things that are gradually fading away from us in modern society still exist here in Northern Thailand. This is a story about the life of a mother and a daughter that portrays the "Joy and Sorrow" of a mother through the lifestyle of one woman.

Director Profile

Born in 1970 in Ibaraki, Japan. After graduating in 1997 from Washington State University with an MA in Communications, she joined Asia Press International. She has been living in Thailand since 1999. Her first feature-length documentary, [Yesterday Today Tomorrow](2005) was invited to several film festivals including the 2005 Bangkok International Film Festival, the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, and won the prize at the 2006 Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival. It was also invited to several international Aids conference including 7th International Congress on Aids in Asia and Pacific in Kobe (ICAAP 2005) and HIV/Aids Screening Conference in NY(2007) . [Path of Anna~ Yesterday Today Tomorrow 2] , which is supported by Pusan International Film Festival Asia Cinema Fund (AND), is her second feature-length documentary. Now, she is preparing screenings of her film in Japan and Thailand.

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